Battery Warner Pro v1.122-pro [Paid] APK

Battery Warner Pro
For now, the pro version is adding these features to the free version:
– Stats for the charging curve
– stats for the loading temperature
– quick settings tile (Android 7.0+)

You want to get it for free? Read on…

There are two possibilities:
1. The closed beta. Just write me a mail and you are in. The only condition is that you give feedback from time to time. No feedback, not beta.
2. You have an idea for a nice new feature? Tell me, and if i like it, you will get the pro version for free! You can choose between the beta and the pro version. No other conditions!

– added more Tasker options -> it is not quite stable yet and will change with future updates!
– Stop Charging supports more devices now
– optimized the charging graphs

Battery Warner Pro v1.122-pro (Paid) APK / Mirror