Biohazard Samsung Edition [Substratum] v3169 [Patched] Apk

📱 Supported system:
• Samsung Pie 9.0 [OneUI 1.0]
• Samsung Oreo 8.0 [Samsung Experience 9.0]
• Samsung Nougat 7.0 [Samsung Experience 8.0]
* For No Root on Oreo use Andromeda, for No Root method on Pie use Synergy.
* Root method is recommended

🔗 Links
Overlay List [Themed Apps]
Theme Changelog
Telegram Community Group

⚠️ Attention
• Substratum/Substratum Lite Theme Engine needed
• Reinstall Overlay after App Update
• Disable Overlays before System Update
• Overlays can cause bootloops and app force closes

• Various minor fixes and improvements
• Revamp Instagram overlay! Added Gradient option
• Added Google Chrome
• Added XDA
• Improve YouTube
• Improve Google Duo overlay
• Improve Google Calendar
• Fix Red and Google Blue accent

• Added Discord
• Improve WhatsApp overlay. Added more Chat Bubble option
• Improve PlayStore overlay
• Added Samsung Keyboard overlay (OneUI)
• Added YouTubeGo overlay
• Added Gallery Go overlay
• Added Gboard

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