COL Reminder v3.3.3 build 334 BETA 1 [Donate] APK

COL Reminder is a remind-application for your Android phone.

★ Text Reminder
★ Telephone Call Reminder
★ Parkingtime Reminder with Countdown
★ Birthday Reminder
★ Location Based Reminder
★ Dashclock Widget Extension
★ Google Drive Backup

Available in over 40 Languages !!
(english, german, italian, france, swedish, spanish, chinese, polish, korean, hungarian, turkish, czech, slovak, …)
It helps you in reminding different things which you don’t want to forget.
But pls. do not mix it up with a to-do list.

Do you want some samples ?
★ Is there a need to make an urgent phone call tomorrow?
No problem with the COL reminder.
Just set up a calling reminder and the program will notifiy you exactly about the appointment – just one finger tap and the call will be transferred automatically.

★ Is there a need to do something urgent at home?
No problem with the COL reminder.
Just set up a text reminder and you will get the notification at the exact time.

★ You don’t want to miss your best friends birthdays?
No problem with COL Reminder.
Just set up a birthday reminder for your most important friends and you will get notified a few days before and of course on the day of birthday.

★ Is there a need in reminding you about the parking time (short – term parking zone) ?
No problem with COL reminder.
Just set up the parking reminder and you will never pay for a parking ticket again.

3.3.3 BETA 1
Parking CountDown was not correct and is sometimes not removed
Workaround for the Huawei Bug on Oreo that no Sound option is available
Workaround for the MIUI problem with external sound selection on Android 7.x
Other reported small fixes


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  • COL Reminder Screenshot

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COL Reminder v3.3.3 build 334 BETA 1 [Donate] APK / Mirror

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