Cronosurf Wave Pro v2.2.0 [Paid] APK

Cronosurf Wave Pro watch
Cronosurf is a new chronograph watch app with the main focus on design, functionality and usability. This app for Android is based on the original design started 2014 as a web based technology demonstrator ( and resembles the main design with the name “Wave”.

If you are a chronograph watch lover, you will find yourself using Cronosurf as your day-to-day app for alarm, countdown timer and stopwatch. You can use it also on a tablet as a wall clock or as a cool clock for your car.

Since Cronosurf has many features, the app includes a comprehensive user manual. If you want to learn its functionality quicker and have more fun at the same time, please visit the web-version ( and activate the Button Assistant (through the help symbol). All buttons will be labeled with its current function – you will learn the watch in no time!

Discover all the special and extra features and great usability of Cronosurf Pro. You will love it!

Note: This app is NOT a Watch Face (yet)! The good news is that the Watch Face development has already begun. You will be able to use Cronosurf on you wrist soon for both Android-Wear-Watches and pure (not Wear) Android-Watches (e.g. Finow X5). Stay tuned!
UPDATE: For owners of pure Android-Watches, there is a BETA version available (free version) for testing that includes some modifications and a special Android Watch mode. For more detail, please visit:

Key features
• 12-Hour Stopwatch/Chronometer with 1/20 of a second resolution
• 12-Hour Countdown-Timer with optional automatic repetition
• Daily/Once Alarm with optional gradual volume
• World Time
• Current date and day of the week with the unique Monthly Calendar
• Innovative 100-Year-Calendar
• Adjustable motion mode of the second hand: pulse or sweep
• The set mode now supports dragging with the finger in a circular motion
• It can run over the screen lock
• *NEW* Live Wallpaper (includes basic interactivity, customizable background, and adjustable size and position of the watch). The standard procedure to enable it: long-press on a free area of your home screen and select “Live Wallpapers”.
• *NEW* Optional photo-realistic watch case
• *NEW* Battery level indication (through button [D] from TME mode)
• Lots of extra functionality that you’ve probably never seen on other chronographs

*** NEW EASTER EGG *** Hint: it’s a compass!

PRO VERSION features
– Ad-free
– 5 customizable color presets
– Quick stopwatch (one button press from time mode)
– Flyback chronograph function (stop/reset/restart with a single push of a button)
– Landscape mode support
– For the Live Wallpaper, any image from the gallery can be set as a background image
– The watch position can be aligned to the top of the display (good for phones with window cover)

Permissions:– Read the contents of your USB storage: This is used for loading of images for the Live Wallpaper background (Devices with Android 4.3 or less will also request write permission in order to write the image to the app’s local cache)
– Run at startup: This is necessary for reactivating a pending alarm or countdown timer.
– Prevent device from sleeping: During the time an alarm is being played, Cronosurf keeps the screen on so the user can see the watch and stop the alarm.
– Cronosurf Pro needs no Network permissions!

Important Notice: Starting with Android 5.0 (Lollipop), the operating system does not allow alarm events that occur in less than 5 seconds. Cronosurf will therefore limit the minimum countdown timer setting automatically to 5 seconds if running on such a device.

– Interface languages added: German and Spanish
– Screen-ON times (Phone & Wear): 5-15-30 minutes
– Many detail improvements
– Bug fixes
. Live-wallpaper settings directly from home screen
. Preferences have been moved to watch
. Compass (if sensor present)
. Optional hourly chime (only PRO)
. Button lock (only PRO)
. Optional minimalist ambient mode

Download:Cronosurf Wave Pro v2.2.0 [Paid] APK / Mirror