Favorite Folder PRO [Paid] Apk

This application organizes a special folder called “Favorite folder / Application folder” which contains your frequently used applications.
The folder automatically composes applications according to the usage pattern.
Basically, you don’t need to do anything for the folder. All you have to do is to place widget or shortcut of this application into Home. This application does all for you.

As optional– If you do not want to see a certain application, just register in the ‘Exclude list’.
– If you want to see a certain application anytime, just register in the ‘Always list’.
As a recent consumer report, most users use about only 10 applications even if they have installed many applications in their smartphones. In this reason, it would be very nice if you use this application as a folder application, because it holds most applications you need with only one folder.
Please note that it may take a few days to compose a good ‘Favorites’ list.
You must be satisfied with ‘Favorites’ as time goes by.
PERMISSION: Detail information of each permission is explained in Help

What’s New

minor improvement

Favorite Folder PRO v2.5.0 / Mirror