Frost+ Incognito Browser v4.0.31 [Patched] Apk

Frost+ has the same features of Frost but with no ads and the option to set a custom homepage! Check out Frost for free if you want to try before you buy.

Frost+ is the best private tabbed web browser for Android, with a hidden, password protected image and bookmark vault as well as extensive privacy features.
With Frost+, you can be confident that your privacy is protected.
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✓ Tabbed Browsing
Fast, full featured tabbed browser with HTML5 video support, popup blocker, and user agent switching
✓ Privacy Protection
Automatically clears all browsing history when you close the app
✓ Imge & Bookmark Vault
Download images from the web and save bookmarks into a hidden, password protected vault
✓ Import & Export Images
Import or export pictures between your device storage and image vault
✓ Complete Stealth
Frost+ looks and functions like any other innocent browser, until you enter your password into the address bar, which reveals your image and bookmark vaults
✓ Vault Protection
The contents of your vaults is hidden from other apps (such as gallery or camera) and not viewable when connected to a computer
✓ Image Gallery & Viewer
The image vault contains a gallery of all your private images, as well as a complete picture viewer with full zooming and slideshow support
✓ Folders
Organize your image and bookmark vaults into folders
✓ Professionally Designed
Polished, simple design makes the most of your screen size
✓ Tablet support
Note: Flash support requires installing the Adobe Flash plugin, available on Google Play. Adobe does not support flash on Android 4.1+

What’s NewMaterial UI is here!!!
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Frost+ Incognito Browser v4.0.31 patched APK / Alternative Link