Incoquito v1.6 [Paid] APK


Automatically close incognito tabs, disable incognito browsing or monitor incognito use.

✶ Modes ✶
○ Auto-close – Closes incognito tabs when the screen is turned off or after the chosen delay.
○ Prevent – Prevents incognito tabs from being opened.
○ Monitor – Allows incognito browsing but logs events and activities.

✶ Full Chrome support ✶
○ In addition to regular Chrome, works with Chrome Beta, Chrome Canary and Chrome Dev.

✶ Additional Features ✶
Event logging
○ Logs various events related to the use of incognito mode in Chrome, including when incognito tabs are opened or closed.

Activity logging
○ Logs media playback and file download activity from within Chrome. Logging can be enabled for all browser sessions or only when there are incognito tabs open.

Launcher hide
○ Hides Incoquito from the launcher so that it is not obvious that it is installed. Once hidden, Incoquito is only able to be launched from the dialer or its launch web page (see the FAQ below).

Uninstall protection (experimental)
○ Detects when an attempt is made to uninstall Incoquito and prevents the uninstallation.

Android settings guard (experimental)
○ Guards Android settings and prevents changes to any settings that would affect the operation of Incoquito.

YouTube logging (experimental)
○ Logs videos played in the YouTube app.

YouTube blocking (experimental)
○ Prevents access to the YouTube app.

Block other browsers (experimental)
○ Prevents access non-Chrome browsers. Currently blocks access to 200+ of the most popular browsers with new browsers being added all the time. If you find a browser that isn’t blocked, please let me know and I’ll add it to the list.

Settings lock
○ Locks all Incoquito settings to prevent unauthorized changes.

✶ Requirements ✶
• Chrome version 51.0.2698.0 (or later) and notifications turned on for Chrome
• Access to notifications

To check whether Incoquito will work on your device prior to installing, open an incognito tab in Chrome. If Chrome adds it’s “Close all incognito tabs” notification to the notification drawer, Incoquito will work on your device.

✶ FAQ ✶
Q: How do I launch Incoquito when it is hidden?
A: When Incoquito is hidden there are 2 ways it can be launched from the device:
• Use Chrome to browse to and click the “Launch Incoquito” button
• Open the system dialer and enter the following code (INCO): *#*#4626#*#*

Incoquito v1.6 (Paid) APK / Mirror