Paperboy | Feedly | RSS | News reader v9.8.2.4 [Premium] Apk

Paperboy | Feedly | RSS | News reader
Paperboy is designed keeping one thing in mind – “Make reading enjoyable”. With over 25 million feeds to choose from , you’ll always be able to find what u are looking.

What makes Paperboy different from other news reader apps is its simplicity and elegant design. It is one of the best news reader apps which doubles as an rss feed reader. Follow your favorite news and magazines rss feeds with ease. Paperboy is also an offline news reader which lets you access the latest news buzz from a wide variety of news digests and channels. If you are a news hunter, Paperboy is your goto free news reader app.

” It was hard to find any issues with PaperBoy’s UI, usability or content delivery. The app provides a simple way to browse the top headlines from your favorite news sources, and — probably best of all — doesn’t get caught up trying to offer too much. The app is free in the Play Store, so it’s hard not to recommend that you go give it a try. ”

Offline reading support
Offline image cache
Pure black theme
Magazine mode
Share the articles you read or save them for later
Article readout
Decluttered reading experience
Background syncing with quiet hours
Automatic night mode
Automatic layout optimization
Mark as read on scroll
Recommendations based on reading patterns

prefetch images based on scroll direction
pinch and zoom article image
bug fixes