Pxl2 Zooper Widgets v1.8 [Paid] Apk

Pxl2 Zooper Widgets

Clean widgets inspired by new Pixel 2. This package includes 22 crisp widgets with original fonts and weather icons.

Note :
1. Pro version of Zooper Widget is needed in order to use these widgets. Please install Zooper Widget Pro prior to installing this package.
2. On first use, use the app’s dashboard to install the required fonts and weather icons for a flawless experience.

Feel free to shoot us a mail, in case you have any query or suggestion.

Two new widgets.
Minor fixes and few new widgets.


  • Pxl2 Zooper Widgets Screenshot
  • Pxl2 Zooper Widgets Screenshot

Pxl2 Zooper Widgets v1.8 [Paid] APK / Mirror