Sailtracker Pro v2.4 [Unlocked] Apk


Sailtracker is an application that collects navigation NMEA data in real time from your boat through 3G/WiFi or Bluetooth.

Sailtracker display NMEA AIS information received by the AIS transceiver of your boat too. Sailtracker shows the position coordinates, Speed over ground (SOG), Course over ground (COG), GPS Time, True Heading, Magnetic Heading, Apparent and True Wind Speed and Angle, Depth, Temperature, active Waypoint, VMG, ETA …

Record waypoints and calculate target distance, VMG, and estimated time of arrival at the destination or regatta mark. Sailtracker compute polar based on angle and true wind speed, calculated from apparent wind and boat speed obtained by GPS (COG).

Sailtracker includes NMEA depth alarm and anchor, and a countdown timer to output regattas.

Features version “PRO”– VMG Wind calculate and display on Map and Wind tabs
– VMG Waypoint display on Map and Wind tabs
– True Wind on Wind tabs
– Export of recorded session to .kml file to show it on Google Earth
– Scaling of AIS icons to show the actual size of the vessels
– Displays the complete Polar
– Allows you to record more than 5 sessions
– Export the session data saved in text mode email or other means.
– Export the image of polar
– Can be installed on SD-Card

What’s NewNew Features
– VMG Way bug fix


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  • Sailtracker Screenshot

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