Swift Black Substratum Theme v14.3 [PATCHED] APK

Swift Black Substratum is a theme for the Substratum Theme engine. It’s one of the most developed themes and comes with great support and frequent updates.
This theme fully supports Android 7.1.1 & it works without TBO Theme ready gapps! Please read the FAQ before installing.
Important notice for 7.1.1 users:
The Substratum app will display a warning message about using themes on a 7.1.1 device. You can ignore this warning when using this theme as it have full support for this version.
Other important information

This theme exclusively supports the Substratum Theme engine. It works on pure Android and other ROM’s with the Substratum theme engine included. Don’t use Theme Ready Gapps, the theme works great without them and enables you to stay up to date with all your apps directly from Play Store.

Themed Apps

• AOSP Browser
• AOSP Calendar
• AOSP Keyboard
• Calculator
• Chrome
• Chrome Beta
• Chrome Dev
• Contacts
• Dialer
• Documents/Downloads
• Dropbox
• Email (AOSP Email)
• ES File Explorer
• Facebook
• Facebook Messenger
• Gmail
• Google Allo
• Google Assistant
• Google Authenticator
• Google Calendar
• Google Dialer
• Google Drive
• Google Keyboard
• Google Maps
• Google Messenger
• Google Music
• Google Now
• Google Plus
• GroupMe
• Hangouts
• Inbox
• Instagram
• JuiceSSH
• Keep
• Nova Launcher
• Omni
• Pushbullet
• Root Explorer
• Settings
• Skype
• Slack
• SuperSU
• System UI
• Tumblr
• Viber
• WhatsApp
…and more
12.1 – Black Snapchat! Reboot after updating overlays
This update took a bit longer, as it’s big. We do it for you, so please don’t throw us bad ratings because you have to wait a day extra for new Instagram support etc. We are not lazy. If you appreciate our work, please give it a review if you haven’t already, it means a lot
• Besides Snapchat we added several OOS Oreo apps 
  • Swift Dark Substratum Theme +Oreo & Samsung theme Screenshot
  • Swift Dark Substratum Theme +Oreo & Samsung theme Screenshot

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