Timer Voice Recorder [Paid] v10.3.0 APK

Timer Voice Recorder (Paid)
Want to secretly record sound?
Want to stop recording automatically?
Now use this App can meet your needs!

Features:This voice recorder which has timer setting.

Functions:(1) Recordable under screen off.
(2) Unlimited recording length.
(3) High compression technology. (1 hour: 8 MB)
(4) Switch: auto repeat playback.
(5) Auto stop timer for voice recording.
(6) Password setting.
(7) Background voice recording ability.

Quick Start:1. Press the front and back buttons to assign the record number.
2. Enter the countdown seconds.
3. Press the top switch to start recording (you can turn off the screen while recording).
4. After the recording is complete, you can enter the mark text and press the Save button.
Voice bottom toolbar function: left to right in order [recording], [stop recording], [repeat playback recording switch], [play Recording], [Pause] button.


  • Timer Voice Recorder (Paid) Screenshot
  • Timer Voice Recorder (Paid) Screenshot

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