X Messenger Privacy Premium v2.4.9 APK

X Messenger Privacy Premium
Enable essential privacy features in Messenger.

A rooted device with Xposed framework is required!

• Block 3 dots typing notifications from appearing to others
• Hide like (thumbs up) button in conversations to prevent accidental presses
• Hide like (thumbs up) button in expanded notifications
• Block message seen notifications from appearing to others
• Click twice on a message in a thread, to manually mark it seen
• Hide your chat presence completely (also hide online minutes)
• Facebook app stealth mode: Hide online presence when using Facebook app

1. Install X Messenger Privacy Premium.
2. Enable X Messenger Privacy Premium in Xposed installer (a notification should come up after installation).
3. Reboot your device.
4. Open X Messenger Privacy Premium and check the features you want.
5. Kill (force close) Messenger app and/or Facebook app for changes to take effect.
6. Enjoy Messenger privacy features!
Note: For the online presence hide feature to work, you must not open any other Facebook window or app on any device (including Facebook app on the same device).
Only Messenger should be active.
Also, if you are talking to a person, you will appear as active to him, but not to others.
Marking messages of a person as seen also marks you as active to him.
Compatible with the latest stable version of Messenger. Beta versions might not be supported.
If you have any questions or problems, do not hesitate to contact me!
For questions and answers to common problems head to http://forum.xda-developers.com/xposed/ … e-t3451579

What’s New
– Crash detection bugfix
– Detect crashes automatically and try to resolve them using root
– Fix hiding notification like button in current Messenger version
– Add option to fix Messenger crash in Nougat (delete oat files) via menu
– Fix hiding call/invite buttons in current Messenger version
– Fix Messenger crash in Nougat
– Fix hiding online status in current Messenger version
– Fix hiding notification like button in upcoming Messenger versions


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  • X Messenger Privacy Premium Screenshot

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